How does Website Design Matters in Google Ranking?

A proper functioned website design is a crucial factor for every business or industry success. Usage of effective methods or terminologies can make your website more improved. In this article, we highlight important factors of website design that affects SEO

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Factors affect SEO or Google Ranking

Adequate website design is the main pillar of every business’s success. A major fact is that properly functioned web design crawl or optimize easily & effectively.

For perfect website design, you need to hire a team of professional designers as they know every method of website designing.

To know more, the following are some factors of website design that affect SEO:

  • Page Speed

For every website, page speed is one of the essential factors that google easily utilize to conclude the overall rankings of a website. Several key factors are considered by a search engine to check the search engine rankings. Visitors notice each thing of a website while exploring the website

A website or a webpage needs to check the page speed. If the page speed of a website adequate then, users easily access the website and feel comfortable & also visit the webpage again and again. If your website becomes slow due to heavy images or flash content, it may adversely affect your business & you may start losing customers.

  • Parallax Design

This factor indicates the development of websites on a single page. Moreover, parallax design is unique and best due to its remarkable background. It involves a menu bar that linked several points on the web page. A recent report revealed that the usage of parallax design is best suited for the content page as well as the home page of a website.

As a result, google hardly understands what type of content your website or webpage has and this is due to the impact of catchy keywords. To land your website in google’s rank list, effective design is very important and if your webpage consists of a content section or page then you need ranking on two or three keywords.

  • Selection of a Domain Name

Typically, a domain name demonstrates the online presence of your business. For better results, you should need to select a domain name that is best suited for your business. It also adds on with SEO and also an essential component or part where people can put all the important keywords. While selecting a domain name, do not opt for a lengthy domain name as most of the users find some difficulty in remembering domain names. Always go for a short or effective domain name that attracts more customers.

  • Writing Title Tags

One of the most essential parts of Search engine optimization is writing title tags. It provides a quick look to the users about the home page section or describes what does overall webpage tells?. Always make use of effective and catchy title tags or phrases. It also attracts various users towards your website.

  • Proper Navigation Design

To make a website, the addition of a navigation bar is a must. Along with that, a great navigation design-assist end users to visit or explore your business website comfortably. It also enhances the user’s experience as well as the appearance of the website so that visitors can use it conveniently.